Fairborn Daily Herald
A Suburban Newspapers of Dayton publication serving the Fairborn, Ohio area since 1866 /December 7, 1999

Area firm wins OK as Learjet repair station
Spectra Jet, Inc. of Springfield, recently received
final approval by the Federal Aviation Administration
as a repair station for Learjets.

    Mike Catherwood, president and General Manager
of the firm, said, "This step marks two years of effort
and puts us strategically poised to pursue our goal
of becoming the best repair station in Ohio, and then
the United States."

    Spectra Jet is new to the business world but not
to maintaining aircraft.  The three founders, Cather-
wood, David E. Riegel, Jr. and John Yegerlehner, all
have extensive Learjet maintenance experience.

    "Our customers will primarily be corporate flight
departments and owner / operators who have had to
maintain their aircraft at large service centers," Mike
Catherwood said.

   "Because we will be able to do the same inspection
with quicker turnaround time and higher quality, our
success is assured," said Riegel.

    "A key goal is to attract an owner / operator to permanently base their aircraft at Spectra Jet.  Perhaps even a local company that has thought of buying a Learjet but were not confident in just anyone to care for it," explained Yegerlehner.

    Don Elliott, Director of Maintenance for Miami Valley Aviation (MVA / 1-800-533-2800) , which has several Learjets, reported:
    "We met with the founders of Spectra Jet when they were just starting out.  We had a need for some expert help and they came in and worked hard for us.  Since then, we have had them back numerous times and plan on having them back in the future."

    Spectra Jet, Inc. is located at the Springfield / Beckley Airport,  1251 West Blee Road, Springfield, Ohio  45502.  The telephone is (937) 325-4961 or (937) 830-1956.  E-mail is SpectraJet@aol.com

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