Spectra Jet, Inc. - Complete Learjet / Challenger repair.

Spectra Jet has worked hard to create a repair station that specializes in Learjet and Challenger inspections, modifications and repairs.  Our expertise stems from a combined 250 years of in-depth maintenance, that has included airframe inspections, system troubleshooting, time change items, engine changes, and modifications.

We are determined to build a solid reputation second to none.  We are dedicated and firmly stand behind each and every task we accomplish.  You can count on it!

At Spectra Jet we are proud of our past accomplishments and our total commitment to your flying safety.  The quality of our work can be traced back over thirty years through tens of thousands of flight hours without incident.  Our highly experienced technicians reflect pride, attention to standards and their utmost devotion to the aviation community.  All of our mechanics and have extensive experience or have been trained in Learjet & Challenger maintenance.

Consistency, dedication and honesty translate into reduced inspection downtime for our customers.  All our customers can be confident that dedicated professionals insure their jet's robust health.  The result is an aircraft that is ready whenever you are.

We welcome you to compare our service, maintenance quality, price and of course, the value of our word.  When your aircraft rolls out of our facility, we know, as you soon will, that its performance is outstanding and its health assured.

You will not find a lot of hype, empty promises, or an inflated bottom line.  What you will find is a bright new light on your aircraft maintenance.  So, put your faith and trust in us.  You will not be disappointed.  Spectra Jet will be your choice.  We will become the most recognized and most reputabe Service Center in the industry, bar none!  We are poised and committed to this challenge.

Since our opening as a Learjet repair station in 1998 -  we added all Learjet model airframes and Challenger 300 & 600 series airframes.

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