Spectra Jet, Inc.
FAA Certified Repair Station # X1JR161Y

A new light on Maintenance.
Are you satisfied with the cost of your
last inspection?  How about that engine change? As the costs of operating your aircraft keep rising, you look for ways to keep your maintenance costs down. 

We can help. 

Spectra Jet is a maintenance and service operation located in Springfield, Ohio started in 1998.  The founders are former Learjet field service reps' who know inspection requirements and maintenance support costs.  Spectra Jet employees are dedicated to the principles of safety, efficiency, quality and fairness. 

Our commitment can help ease your maintenance burdens. 

We truly Can put your maintenance
in a new light.

Choose the Spectra Jet Team.

We offer personalized service for
scheduled inspections, servicing
and on-the-road repairs

We have the experience, tools and attitude to make you happy, and more importantly, to keep you safe.

As more aviation companies go to third party maintenance support, why not call Spectra Jet? 

Don't spend more at a large "one stop shop".

We specialize in Learjet and Challengers. 

Call or e-mail and we will quote you a great price for whatever it is you need.

Above - Spectra Jet's creed, note the top line, if not now - WHEN? 
As aircraft maintenance providers, we have to perform diligently to find and remedy the problems inherent in aviation.

This banner was hung in our shop to remind us always that we are the last line in safety.

Enthusiasm (en-thoo'ze'az-em):
N,1. Great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause.  2. A state of being ardently absorbed in a pursuit.  3. Spectra Jet, Inc.'s  attitude toward their part in aviation and the aviation community.

Safety (sayf'te): adj., pl. -ties.
1.  The condition of being safe; freedom from danger, risk or injury.
2.  Spectra Jet, Inc.'s  governing factor of all work performed on aircraft!

Character (kar'ek-ter): N, 1. The combination or qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group or thing from another 
2. Spectra Jet, Inc. - doing what is right, even when nobody else is looking
Don't just take our word for it, if you would like to hear from an aircraft owner, please contact us!  We have great references - our customers!
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