Spectra Jet is certified for all Learjet models.  We are capable of performing any and all maintenance on the following Learjet models:


Don't be fooled by "special inspection prices" or so called "discounts", 
our prices are posted here and have been since we started business.   

Beware the company that promises you a deal and then rakes you over the coals by writing-up your aircraft, grounding it until you pay.  We're sure you've heard the stories....

Our prices are based on years of experience working on your type of aircraft, so rest assured that we know what we're talking about.  Spectra Jet is proud of it's proven inspection services.  Experience allow us to offer our customers the most cost effective maintenance solutions. 

Contact Spectra Jet today for your Learjet / Challenger maintenance needs.   

We'll give you a complete quote based on experience working on aircraft.

Contact John Yegerlehner / Chief Inspector 
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 for you next maintenance event.

Spectra Jet is an 
FAA Certified Repair Station 
for all Learjet models 
Bombardier Challenger 300 / 600 series aircraft

Common Airframe and Engine Maintenance such as:

24/7 AOG Assistance here or anywhere
4800, 9600 & 12,000 Hour Inspections (Demate) 
12 Year Inspections 
Airframe Inspections (Phase A, B, C & D)
3000 and Major Landing Gear Inspections
Airframe Inspections {CL acft: 300, 400 and up}
Control Cable Changes
3000 & 6000 Landing Inspections
Thrust Reverser Inspections (Aeronca, Dee Howard and more)
Engine Inspections (150/300/600) & engine changes (CJ610, TFE731 Series, P&W 305)
Calendar / time change items
Troubleshooting and repair of all Systems

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12 Year Inspection Pictures
Check out some pictures of a 
12 Year Inspection.  

Contact us today to schedule whatever your aircraft needs.
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Just some of our capabilities
Just some of our capabilities
Just some of our capabilities
Just some of our capabilities
Just some of our capabilities
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On-line copy of Spectra Jet's Operations Specifications...
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